Oh, hello guys and a very Happy New Year to us you all. Hope the harmattan hasn’t been so severe on you guys?{Sorry, but that is the kind of weather we experience at this time of the month in Nigeria}

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Hello beautiful people!!! Looking back at this month, three years ago, precisely notably on the eight of July, I started this my first journey on as a blogger posting on the quantum leaps we you one can take to self improvement. What a ride it has been!

I remember before I started how I kept prolonging my beginning of the blog, till one day it dawned on me that I just have to start from somewhere to get something out of it this. Well, what can I say? Has the journey been worthwhile? Has the journey been tiring? Has the journey been life changing? Has the journey been fun? Has the journey been ‘……..?’

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Hello beautiful people! I’m sure we you all are amazed at how fast the year is rolling past {Notice my rhyme words there, hehehe!}. We you all started off in January and before the twinkle of an eye, we you are already in July, half of the year passed by just like that. Have we you all taken out time to go through our your 2017 goals to make sure we you are on the right path to achieving them? As for me, I am ticking my goal achievements one after the other and I pray for grace to run the race {Yet another rhyming word}.

Today, I will be taking you through a story I came across in a prayer book which I felt I should share. Please sit back, relax and enjoy it.

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Oh my! I have been away for four good months, not that I didn’t think of this blog of mine but I was pre-occupied with school work which is really becoming tedious. I just can’t wait to get this school work done with and get my life back because it’s taking up most of my time. Hopefully, before the end of the year, I should be through by His Grace. Okay, before I bore you with my activities, I have a post up today and I will be talking about ‘Being your own celebrity’. Do enjoy it…

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Please my darling readers, kindly forgive me for not writing in February, the year has been really tight especially as I combine school and work. I’ll try my possible best to do much better. I culled this story from a book I once read. Hence the story begins:

Years ago, a young man who was nineteen then, committed suicide in Harare, Zimbabwe because he failed Mathematics and Physics in a very important exam. In a note he dropped for his parents, he wrote: “Sorry to hurt you mum and dad! My hopes are crashed and life isn’t worth living anymore!”

The parents revealed later that he had planned to enroll to read Medicine at the University later that year but that failure shattered that dream. He did apologize for hurting his parents but himself.

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Hello wonderful people, it’s so surprising how it’s the start of yet another year. We thank God for ushering us into this New Year filled with His overwhelming blessings. We all should wake up now and start living our dreams now as time ticks away. Sometimes it could be that we are all waiting for that miracle to happen when we reach our breakthrough at a point in time. The miracle could be that dream job, dream car, dream spouse, quick recovery from a sickness, a new home, a gift from a loved one, the feeling of having loved ones around them you and so much more.

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Its me, myself and I coming down your way once again. I hope everything has been rolling on well with you as you chase your yearly goals? Please never give up on yourself and your drive for success, no matter the number of people that tell you NO on your way to success. If you hear the word no, get up, dust it off and tell yourself, “Yes, I can”.

I know there are a number of people that may have given up just from the amount of people that will have given them a No answer and this shouldn’t be the case as you draw from a well of positivity exceeding over negativity. Well, I’ll leave you with my ‘rawlings’ on the power of No.

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