I really wonder how the rest of the year will go because the rate at which February went by so fast in the twinkle of an eye is like a huge joke on me. How are you all getting on? I hope extremely well? I hope you’re moving on despite the challenges on this journey called life?

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Hello lovelies!!! How has the year been rolling by? I know you’ll say, you missed me in January but I was on a long deserved break from writing. So here I am on February, bringing you more self-improvement write ups as I usually do. I hope you learn a thing or two from them…Enjoy!

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*Wawuuuuuuu!!!* Christ’s birth month is here and it’s the final lap of the year! Wow!!! I’m really surprised how fast this year passed by so fast, like the snap of a finger. Welcome to the month of December where hearts are merrier, love is spread and joy is celebrated.

Some peeps people may say the stress of the year has taken a toll on them, their bodies and looks but for me I’ll help tell you here how to stay young at heart, mind and body. You really don’t need to allow things get to you easily or else you will be broken.

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It’s weird how the months are really creeping fast on us but if you’re set to roll over and make or give your life a meaning…it’s sure not too late to. So permit me to crush on myself, it’s also my birth month on this first day of November and I kick off this month with so much positivity…You know why?! I never ever give up…I’m Possible!!!

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Okuurrrrr! Hello October!!! *In my best British accent*, its officially 3 three months to the end of the year! Can you describe your year so far, in three words? Mine has been ‘Tasking, Awesomestatic and filled with discovery Curvy’…What’s yours?

Sup peeps! It’s your fav gurl in the house once again…*Yayyyyyyy!!!* To embark on the next three months journey, it’s not too late to spice it up with some pepper and all so I will be happy to share how you can ginger your life up with good vibes before the year runs out.

Come, hop on!

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When I think of how far I have come, all I have within me is indepth gratitude, lifted hands and a crying heart. I’m so blessed to be stressed and worried. What about you? How do you feel to be ushered into the very much awaited ‘Ember months?’

Let’s take a look at this story below culled from a book…

Once upon a time, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) lost two of its pilots alongside three crew members in a helicopter crash on January 2nd 2019. Among the deceased was late Flight Lieutenant Perowei Jacob who served as pilot in command, prior to his death.

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Its August already…Oh my! Oh my!!! Welcome ‘August break’…been waiting for you so long… *drooling*. Ember months are gradually creeping in…*Shivers*. How are you and yours doing? Hope you are keeping positive vibes only as we tread the start of a new month in August?

I for one, always ensure I speak positivity into my life, career, home, health, family, friends, loved ones and even enemies/fre-enemies…Yea I said that! *Rolling eyes*

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