Welcome to the new month of May guys lovelies, I hope the month ushers in outstanding stories for us you all. May it be a month of belief, greatness and inspiration from those around us.

Coming to think of it, everyone that walks the face of this earth has a story to tell but looking at it does your story inspire you? Everyone has a story, a history, a series of failures and mistakes that have shaped them into the person they are today.

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What’s up guys? Welcome to the lovely month of April, I hope March was good to you and April this new month will bring good tidings to you and yours. As the month rolls by and another quarter begins, let’s learn to say No to things that don’t matter and bring happiness to our your well being.

Today, we will be talking about ‘The power of No’, learning the things we should say Yes and No to for a more fruitful life and greater achievement.

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‘Sup everyone? How are we you all getting on as a new month strides comes along? May this month of March be that where we you will ‘march’ into greatness all year through.

Sometimes in life people ponder or go through things that make them have key ingredients to life or that one thing which makes them march on in life and makes them move on and on. The key ingredients are a lot, for some it could be faith, for some it could be love, favour, grace, awesome relationships etc.

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Hello my lovelies, how are you all doing? Hope you are keeping track of your aspirations goals and living up your dreams as the month ticks by? We thank God for ushering us into this new month of love and we hope it brings us nothing but the best.

Today, I’ll be delving talking about, “How do you say it?”. Sometimes we utter words out of our mouth that can either mar or make a person’s day as they dwell on what you have said to them but it takes the strongest of hearts to overlook what a negative comment can do to his/her day.

I will be discussing about this topic from a prayer book I came across, so please read through carefully and gain one or two some few things from this write up.

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Hello beautiful people!!! Looking back at this month, three years ago, precisely notably on the eight of July, I started this my first journey on as a blogger posting on the quantum leaps we you one can take to self improvement. What a ride it has been!

I remember before I started how I kept prolonging my beginning of the blog, till one day it dawned on me that I just have to start from somewhere to get something out of it this. Well, what can I say? Has the journey been worthwhile? Has the journey been tiring? Has the journey been life changing? Has the journey been fun? Has the journey been ‘……..?’

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Hello beautiful people! I’m sure we you all are amazed at how fast the year is rolling past {Notice my rhyme words there, hehehe!}. We you all started off in January and before the twinkle of an eye, we you are already in July, half of the year passed by just like that. Have we you all taken out time to go through our your 2017 goals to make sure we you are on the right path to achieving them? As for me, I am ticking my goal achievements one after the other and I pray for grace to run the race {Yet another rhyming word}.

Today, I will be taking you through a story I came across in a prayer book which I felt I should share. Please sit back, relax and enjoy it.

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